Dr. Ellen B. Littman (she/her) is a clinical psychologist who has specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of neurodiverse disorders for over 30 years.  Educated at Brown and Yale Universities, the doctoral program of Long Island University, and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, she is licensed in New York and Connecticut. 

Dr. Littman's practice focuses on the high IQ adult neurodiverse population.  She has expertise in identifying complex presentations of ADHD and ASD that may have been misinterpreted or overlooked.  Described by the American Psychological Association as "a pioneer in the identification of gender differences in ADHD", she has extensive experience with issues affecting neurodiverse women and girls.  She has particular interest in helping entrepreneurs harness and utilize neurodiverse traits to their advantage.  In addition to individual psychotherapy, Dr. Littman works with couples and families to optimize communication, and is happy to coordinate treatment with other practitioners.

Internationally recognized as an author and speaker, Dr. Littman co-authored the book Understanding Girls with ADHD in 1999, with a  second edition published in 2015.  She has contributed chapters to numerous books, including "The Hidden Side of Adult ADHD" (El lado oculto del TDAH en la edad adulta), "Understanding Women with ADHD", and "Gender Differences in ADHD", and has written many articles.  She created a video training program on Women with ADHD for the American Medical Association's continuing education for primary care providers.

Dr. Littman's understanding of neurodiversity is informed by her training in neurobiological, developmental, cognitive-behavioral, somatic, complex trauma, and psychodynamic perspectives.  She has developed a holistic strengths-based assessment that provides a depathologized foundation for solution-focused treatment.  Dr. Littman's approach empowers individuals to achieve qualitative and quantitative successes through a combination of psychoeducation, insight, and coaching in a supportive and validating environment. 

Well-versed in treating co-occurring challenges related to anxiety, mood, self-esteem, hormonal changes, and trauma, she acknowledges the impact of emotional reactivity on the quality of life. With advanced training in complex developmental trauma, eating disorders, self-harm, and crisis intervention, Dr. Littman has significant experience diagnosing and treating dissociative disorders, including Dissociative Identity Disorder. 





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